The Society of St. Vincent de Paul, SVdP, is a worldwide Catholic organization of lay men and women who join to grow spiritually, build friendships and serve our neighbors that are in need.  This work is carried on by the traditions of St. Vincent de Paul and the founder Blessed Frederic Ozanam.  In 2017, the Society celebrated the 400th anniversary of St Vincent de Paul’s establishing his philosophy of charity and deeds and moved Ozanam to name our society after him and claim him as our patron saint in 1833.  The society was founded in the US in 1835, in St. Louis.

SVdP International has operations on 5 continents, in 149 countries with over 750,000 members, called Vincentians. In the U.S.A., there are 96,000 members, working out of 4360 parishes with individual conferences serving over 14 million people each year.  Additionally, through our national organization, we provide direct relief during major disasters alongside Matthew 25, the Red Cross and other organizations.

Our Vincentians are from every ethnic, cultural, age group and economic level serving all who need help to ease their suffering and poverty. Conferences, organized locally, generally work within parish boundaries and often collaborate with other faith groups on urgent needs and  recommend long term help to address the root causes.

 Vincentians make no distinction in those served because we see the face of Christ in all we help.